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Our Wild Harvested Magnetite is gathered in the western United States and is of the highest quality available. When used properly it can enhance your health and well being. Can be used for many other applications including nano technology and is beneficial for the skin, hair, teeth and gums, blood, circulation, increases energy and much, much more when used properly! Also great for the racing pigeon industry. For International Orders please email: or call: 1-801-226-7589
Magnetite Wild Harvested
Our wild harvested magnetite is one of the best our country has to offer. Size will vary from small pebbles to extra fine. This is a great combination for charging materials and various other uses. If you require specific sizes call or email your request. Additional charges may apply. Pricing is per pound. Also great for those who raise racing pigeons.

Magnetite Powder
Very fine magnetite powder that is the consistency of fine dust. This is a natural wild harvested product and has a powerful positive-negative polarity and provides many wonderful healing properties. Price is per pound. Also great for those who have racing pigeons. Wild harvested not synthetic.

Ormus-Like Minerals
Ormus-Like Minerals are the minerals that our magnetite is extracted from in the rocky mountains. (Currently it is very high in magnetite). These minerals have been found with the magnetite for thousands of years and create a special energy field. These minerals are excellent when making a charging device and can be combined with magnetite at a ratio of up to 50/50 and still be very effective. Price per pound.

Magnetite Custom Screened size
Custom screened wild harvested magnetite. Must call or email to make sure size is available before ordering. Thank you
DoubleHelixWater® relieves inflammation at the cellular level. Double Helix Water® helps the body's natural process of cell repair and injured tissues which become inflamed. It goes beyond hydration and may increase blood flow; allowing for more oxygen to be delivered to the cells. This may also help to remove impurities and enable cells to function at an optimal level. Supports: Natural Anti-Inflammation, Increased Energy, Natural Detoxification, Improved Cellular Health, Sports Recovery, Overall Well-Being. If you really want to increase the healing process of the body in almost any area purchase a DHW® Protocol for $35.00 and put this amazing process to the test. You won't be disappointed.

Shipping is free for this product
DoubleHelixWater® Test Only
This test (protocol) is customized to your body by giving us your name, birthday and email address and health problem you want to overcome. We then use this information and see how much Double Helix Water® is needed to allow your body to speed up its natural healing process. People have seen results in days that they have not seen in years when this product is used correctly. You may experience some detoxification in the process but the body's increased healing will be well worth it. We also test for athletes to excel in their training and performance. If your body needs more than a couple of bottles we can customize the test and price to fit.

Name, Birthday Email address or phone number and health issue