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Some of the finest minerals Mother Earth has to offer in liquid or powder. Our mineral products come from protected sources high in the Rocky Mountains. In liquid or powder form, these minerals ROCK!

Essential Mother Earth© Liquid Trace Minerals 4 oz.
4 oz. spray of Essential Mother Earth© Liquid Trace Minerals blended with quantum technologies that you can spray anywhere on your body that needs relief. Great for bruises, cuts, scrapes, etc. Comes in a blue glass bottle. Keep in a cool place.

Essential Mother Earth© Liquid Trace Minerals 16 oz. Refill
16 oz. Refill Comes in an amber glass bottle. Keep in a cool place.

Essential Mother Earth© MicroNutrient Silver Plus Trace Minerals 8 oz.
8 oz. MicroNutrient Silver at 50 ppm plus liquid trace minerals blended together for the best results. The soluable organic trace mineral solution that this silver is blended in really makes a difference. Get relief for sore throats, coughs, swollen glands and much more! Great Sterilizer.

Essential Mother Earth© MicroNutrient Silver Plus Trace Minerals16 oz. Refill

16 oz. Refill Comes in an amber glass bottle. Keep in a cool place.

Trace Minerals with Phytonutrients 120 capsules
Trace Minerals with Phytonutrients are a great source of 76 plus trace minerals that come from mineralized plant sources from 1000's of years ago. Harvested in the Rocky Mountains. Great for those that have food allergies and other ailments. 120 capsules,

NeauManna© Seasonal Trace minerals that help the complete body. Ask for more information. Thanks
DoubleHelixWater® relieves inflammation at the cellular level. Double Helix Water® helps the body's natural process of cell repair and injured tissues which become inflamed. It goes beyond hydration and may increase blood flow; allowing for more oxygen to be delivered to the cells. This may also help to remove impurities and enable cells to function at an optimal level. Supports: Natural Anti-Inflammation, Increased Energy, Natural Detoxification, Improved Cellular Health, Sports Recovery, Overall Well-Being. If you really want to increase the healing process of the body in almost any area purchase a DHW® Protocol for $35.00 and put this amazing process to the test. You won't be disappointed.

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DoubleHelixWater® Test Only
This test (protocol) is customized to your body by giving us your name, birthday and email address and health problem you want to overcome. We then use this information and see how much Double Helix Water® is needed to allow your body to speed up its natural healing process. People have seen results in days that they have not seen in years when this product is used correctly. You may experience some detoxification in the process but the body's increased healing will be well worth it. We also test for athletes to excel in their training and performance. If your body needs more than a couple of bottles we can customize the test and price to fit.

Name, Birthday Email address or phone number and health issue
Double Helix Water® Cream
Unscented Full Force or Full Spectrum Skin Cream. Helps rejuvenate, revive, and nourish skin with the power of Double Helix Water supported by all-natural, antioxidant-rich oils. Full of skin-essential vitamins and minerals, grape seed oil can help provide anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. Ideal for chapped irritated or dry skin on face and body. Paraben-free.

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