Health Discovery Session

The first Discovery Session lasts approximately an hour and a half. Follow up Sessions are approximately one hour. Supplement Evaluations, Food Sensitivity Session, Environmental Sensitivity Session, Structural Alignment Session and many more.


We have 13 different SmarterDrops™ that work on all areas of the body.  BeliefEmpower™ BluesBgone™ BugBgone™ ChemTOXez™ ChippyCheeryDrops ™ ChomperAide™ Drop4DISeez™ FdAllerAide™ LymeBgone™ PollenBgone™ SpyneToonUp™  VaccNull™ WellnessAide™. Suppport drops include: AuraLighte™ and Healing Within™

VM800 Vitality Mat™ Products

VM800 Vitality Mat™ Products include: Knee, ankle, and wrist braces, scarves, baseball caps, small and large Vitality Mats, Vitality throws, Vitality sheet sets and Vitality blankets.  All VM800 Vitality Mat™ products are not always available.  Specialty Products include Bamboo Cutting Boards and hand wraps.

Personal and Family SmarterDrops™ Programs

With a few data points we can customize a SmarterDrop™ program for you or your family which provides a specific Schedule to benefit from all 13 SmarterDrops™. A very cost effective way to improve your health.

AuraLighte™ and Healing Within™

AuraLighte™ is a blend of Light Balancing Technology, and Aura/Chakra Technology that helps give the body a shield or protection against negative influences. It keeps the aura strong and has been specifically formulated to work with every SmarterDrop™.

Healing Within™ is very empowering because it concentrates on three specific areas: self-sabotaging behaviors, pride and victimization. Excellent for breaking old habits and addictions of all kinds.

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