About Us


Our Approach

There are foundational truths that we all need in order to maintain a healthy body and soul. These include enough water, adequate rest, proper nutrition, exercise of some type and feeding our souls.  In our many years of working with people we have found that even though symptoms may be the same as someone else, the solutions can be totally different.  So our approach is to always be open to the needs of the individual to help them heal in the fastest and safest method possible.

Health Discovery Sessions are the basis to finding out how to help the person in their pursuit to health and happiness.  Your opinion counts and should be the most correct and listened to opinion of all.

Our Story

As a child growing up every year from birth I had the same health challenges like clock work. After trying so many wonderful types of treatments both natural and other, my health challenges continued.

In my 22nd year while living in California I landed a job in the medical field doing physical therapy. Within about 6 months of working in the office the Doctor purchased a new technology and I, being the youngest, was forced into learning it.  At first I was very unhappy because it was not the direction I wanted to go.

However, after learning and using the technology myself the results were astonishing! In about 2 to 3 months all the reactions or symptoms I had experienced for the last 22 years disappeared almost magically!  The same technology that I used back then has been changed, updated and improved  drastically, and it created miracles in my life.  I have been witness to many miracles in the lives of my clients for the past 30 plus years that most would say was impossible. Using this Health Information Technology is low cost, simple and repeatable, and has been and continues to be a joy to work with in the Health Information Technology  field.

Meet the Team

Steven and Cynthia Fountaine have been working in various areas of health and wellness for 30+ years. We are always looking for the most simple yet profound solutions for improving your health.  We enjoy educating our clients in how simple it is to make life altering changes that improve their overall health and wellness.