IQS Interactive Query System™

The IQS™ is a powerful tool with the ability to access the innate diagnostic capability of the human body. Its purpose is to empower people with personal health information so that they can better manage their own health.  Safe, effective and non-invasive.  This technology was developed by Dr. Roy Curtin PhD of the i2i Network.  The IQS uses a combination of specialized scanning hardware and software recording the individual’s response to multiple customized questions which include self-reported sources of stress and anticipated benefits from various supplements, functional adjustments, or other remedial options.

The science behind the IQS™ is based on the idea that each human being comes pre-built with an internal diagnostic system far superior to any man-made lab. This theory was proposed by H. Roy Curtin PhD over 35 years ago and has since been confirmed by thousands of practitioners and clients world wide. Comprehensive, rapid and cost effective.

First Opinion Health Discovery Center

Our Health Discovery Center offers creative solutions to the individual that no other institution or practitioner can currently match. In a Discovery Session, while using the Interactive Query System™ your innate intelligence will choose a root cause or functional system, whether physical, mental, emotional, environmental, psychological, nutritional, structural or spiritually based.

Depending on what your body chooses, we create a customized solution to help your body improve your health and wellness. Adding your customized remedies into a SmarterDrop™ further allows your body to increase its innate  self-healing process.   The first appointment takes approximately an hour and a half.  Follow up appointments take approximately 1 hour.

Making changes in your health at such great speeds may include a few metaphorical bumps and twists along the way. Get started on your new health adventure today!

Next Step…

If you would like to embark on a new and exciting journey to discover the root causes of your current health challenges, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.