IQS (Interactive Query System™)

The IQS™ is a powerful tool with the ability to access the innate diagnostic capability of the human body. It’s purpose is to empower people with personal health information so that they can better manage their own health. Safe, effective and non-invasive.

The science behind the IQS™ is based on the idea that each human being comes pre-built with an internal diagnostic system far superior to any man-made lab. This theory was proposed by H. Roy Curtin Ph.D. over 35 years ago and has since been confirmed by thousands of practitioners and clients world wide. Comprehensive, rapid and cost effective.



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VM800 Vitality Mat™ Products

The VM800 Vitality Mat™ Products are a proprietary blend of technologies infused into fibers of natural eco-friendly material that will not wash out. This blend of technologies neutralizes harmful contaminates and vitalizes them for the benefit of the body and the environment. Harmful substances are found in almost everything we eat, wear, use and sleep on, including most everything we come in contact with each day.

The VM800 Vitality Mat™ Products can neutralize the negative effects of most of these things while increasing the positive effects in seconds.

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SmarterDrops™ are the result of many years of seeking to understand the positive and negative experiences of life, whether inherited or our own, affect our every day health and wellness. Almost every function of our body is performed automatically without conscious thought.

What if we could communicate more effectively with the intelligence that keeps our body alive? Could we improve our lives much faster? The answer is YES!

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First Opinion Health Discovery Center

Our Health Discovery Center offers creative solutions to the individual that no other institution or practitioner can currently match. In a Discovery Session, while using the Interactive Query System™ your innate intelligence will choose a root cause or causes, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, environmental, psychological or spiritually based.

Depending on which root cause or causes are chosen, we create a customized solution for solving your health puzzle. Blending your customized remedies with SmarterDrops™ adds another level of self-awareness and healing that to our knowledge has not been achieved to this day. This allows your body to heal at much greater speeds than ever before. By using VM800 Vitality Mat™ Products many negative side effects are significantly reduced while moving towards improved health.

Making changes in your health at such great speeds may include a few metaphorical bumps and twists along the way. Get started on your new health adventure today!



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